Thursday, June 9, 2011

Review of Rockeresque Beauty Company

Today's review is on the Rockeresque Beauty Co.!

I ordered the samples set of the entire collection, which contains samples of all 15 of the colors that the company offers! Here are a list of the colors as links, these will lead you directly to the colors page so you can check them out in better detail, but camera didn't do them justice. :-P

The samples set is $14, which seems like a lot for just samples but they come in a box, not a flat package so it makes sense. I also recieved business cards and a little button! The buttons are available for purchase on the website as well in packs, with lots of other fun designs. I got the lightning bolt one at the top by the sticker that you can see in the picture below!

They are all pretty cute! I was able to do one look so far with my new piggies (that I was able to get picture of at least) and I have to say I really like them! 

Used over My Beauty Addiction's Shadow-Poxy Eye Primer:
Yellow--Chicklet, Orange--Toxicity, Red/Pink--XOXO and Platinum blond as highlight.

This look was for my friend Kelsie Uselman's 21st Birthday Adventure! :-D

Overall, I really liked the shadows. They blend very easily and using the MBA Shadow-Poxy, they stayed on all night long! I even STILL have it on when I woke up...cuz I was just too tired to take my makeup off before bed...

I tried Gingerbread Cookie when I first got my samples and wore it by itself over MBA Shadow-Poxy. I loved this shadow with my eye color! It looked like a natural look with a twist! Super classy, I could definitely wear it every day and I will for sure be purchasing the full size at some point soon!

I also did a look on my friend Azra, for no reason really other than for fun.

Used over My Beauty Addiction's Shadow-Poxy Eye Primer:
Pink--Ursula, Brown--Gingerbread Cookie
Schoolyard Crush was used to blend  the two
together better and we highlighted with Chicklet!
I also used false lashes on Azra for a very dramatic look. She looks super adorable! I love getting to do my friend's makeup! :-)

They also have a Facebook page, so be sure to like their page for all the latest info from the RBC.

That's all for now! Next review should be for My Beauty Addiction, who's Shadow-Poxy eye primer I have been using for everything...I love it in case you can't tell, but I will save all of the details for the real review!

Until then, keep being awesome, ladies!

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